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I was once asked for my philosophy about my work – “To bring the beauty of the natural world to interiors”

Seasons change, flowers are different from day to day, which is why I do not want a website from which you can order. Your flowers should be individual and we will choose the very best and most beautiful on the day for you or if you want something specific we will try to get it for you.

The following photographs are taken by me – the flowers looked much better in real life, but this will give you an idea of our style of flowers. They are not always flowery, sometimes very architectural or simple or tropical, perhaps native.

If you would like to place an order, please ring on 07 32161577 or if overseas our email address is info@phoebestephensflowers.com.au

I am regularly asked by people overseas and interstate for our webside details. I am horrified by my name appearing on websites where the flowers are certainly not ours and nothing like ours.

We do flowers for hospitals, presents, parties, weddings, funerals, corporate – anything that needs flowers – which should be everything.

This is not a normal looking website, not one to order from, one for you to look at and see how lovely our flowers are.


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